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Due to ongoing local & international delays with manufacturers, suppliers & shipping lines, it is highly recommended that orders are placed well in advance
Due to ongoing local & international delays with manufacturers, suppliers & shipping lines, it is highly recommended that orders are placed well in advance

Recyclable Clear Plastic PET Cold Cups

Strong and Flexible Clear Plastic Cups

At Alpha Food Packaging we offer a versatile range of clear plastic cups at competitive wholesale prices online. Our disposable plastic cups are of high quality and are the top choice for use within the food service industry. Our Polypropylene (PP) plastic cups and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) plastic cups are desirable due to their respective qualities and therefore appeal to a variety of establishments based on affordability, image profile and functionality. Our PP plastic cups (like our plastic takeaway containers) are clear with a touch of haziness, flexible, strong and an affordable option to PET. Our PET plastic cups are ultra-clear, rigid, impact resistant and visually highlight the colour of its contents. We offer high quality customised printing on all our plastic cold cups at competitive prices so why not stand out from the rest and boost your profile now!

Serve Iced Coffees and Smoothies with Our Clear Plastic Cups

Both PP and PET plastic cups emphasise the true colours and textures of cold drinks in a visually appealing manner. Our PET cups are crystal clear and naturally establish a more visually enhanced presentation of its contents to the customer. Our disposable plastic cold cups are the only option where presentation is paramount for presenting your speciality cold drinks. PP and PET cups are perfect for serving and highlighting the multitude of colours originating from fruit juices, creamy smoothies and refreshing ice coffees. We also offer two different styles of lids which fit securely onto our plastic cups. Our PET clear plastic dome lids and PET clear plastic flat lids are straw slotted for drinking on the go. Check out our straw range as well!

Promote Your Brand through Our Customisable Clear Plastic Cups

Promoting your brand or business through our customisable plastic cold cups is what Alpha Food Packaging is able to achieve for you at low online wholesale prices. The benefit of customising your disposable plastic cups allows your business to establish a relationship with your customers based on trust, quality and service. Customised printing of your PET or PP plastic cold cups not only enhances the recognition of your product via your unique logo or brand, it also aims in promoting a loyal customer base where your customers are less likely to consider shifting to another competitor. Whether it is a local or national footprint you desire, establishing a positive reputation with your printed plastic cups will effectively bolster your profile within the marketplace. In turn, you could also use the success of your personalised plastic cups as a springboard to launch and drive new products under the recognition of your current brand or logo. Similarly, custom printing your disposable coffee cups may also be of further benefit to your establishment.

So if you are ready to promote your business with high quality printed plastic cups at affordable wholesale prices please contact us with your requirements on 1300 799 201 or email us at for all your food packaging supplies.