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Due to ongoing local & international delays with manufacturers, suppliers & shipping lines, it is highly recommended that orders are placed well in advance
Due to ongoing local & international delays with manufacturers, suppliers & shipping lines, it is highly recommended that orders are placed well in advance

Paper Carry Bags, Plastic Carry Bags & Garbage Bags

Quality Paper Bags, Plastic Carry Bags & Garbage Bags at Wholesale Prices

Our online range of paper and plastic bags offer the convenience in packaging and transporting food at wholesale prices. Flat paper bags are dependable, cheap and recyclable. They are used in cafes, takeaways, bakeries and sandwich shops for serving various types of sandwiches, rolls and bakery products. Also in our paper bag range are our foil lined paper bags which offer great resistance to grease and oil while maintaining the freshness of hot food.

Our strong plastic carry bags are made from HDPE material and serve as a secure, safe and practical way for the transport of food. White plastic bags are an extremely affordable option with the added feature that they will not tear easily. Our Heavy Duty garbage bags are the only option where tear resistance, strength and reliability are imperative. Made from resilient LDPE resin, rest assured that our Heavy Duty garbage bags are ready to take on the hardest of rubbish loads.

Durable Flat Paper Bags Perfect for Takeaway Food Orders

Alpha Food Packaging offers a great selection of flat paper and foil lined bags at affordable online wholesale prices. Whatever your food packaging requirements, you are sure to find a suitable size for your takeaway orders. Often used by fish and chips shops, sandwich shops, cafes and takeaway shops, our flat paper satchel bags are perfect for serving takeaway sweets, breads, sandwiches, focaccias, rolls, muffins, cookies and covering paper food trays. If you are after a bag to serve hot food in, then our foil lined paper bags are the way to go. It’s the preferred choice for chicken shops as they are leak proof and have an inner lining of foil which helps maintain food temperature and freshness via heat retention.

Affordable Custom Printed Flat Paper Bags for Café and Takeaway Shops

Custom printing your flat paper bags is an efficient and affordable way of enhancing your profile within the marketplace to existing and prospective customers. Alpha Food Packaging uses strong paper bags combined with a superior print quality that is certain to attract the attention of your customers. Made and printed in Australia, we invite you to take advantage of our short lead times and affordable prices. Similar to the benefits for our customised printing of paper coffee cups, clear plastic cups and greaseproof paper, we would enjoy the opportunity in making this a reality for your business. So contact us for all your online food packaging and printing needs… you will be impressed with the results!

Tough Plastic Carry Bags And Garbage Bags For The Food Service Industry

Alpha Food Packaging online understands the need for durable high quality plastic carry bags and garbage bags within the food service industry. Our HDPE plastic singlet bags offer excellent heat and tear resistance for hot takeaway food orders. This means your customers will not be frustrated by the inconvenience of rips or punctures caused by any sharp or bulging packaging while carrying their order. This is often the case with other thinner inferior carry bags. The advantage of using our plastic carry bags is that they are quick and easy to open and assemble which is important in the line of efficiency when dealing with orders. Plastic bags also require minimal storage space since they are flat packed.

Our LDPE garbage bags are ideal for heavy duty rubbish loads where quality, security and reliability are expected by the food service industry. Our black plastic bags are sturdy and display a high degree of plasticity and tear resistance. This makes our black heavy duty garbage bags ideal for rubbish that has sharp or jagged edges by preventing any unwanted punctures or mishaps. An important feature of our bags is their bottom star-seal formation. Its design allows the garbage bag to essentially mould itself within the bin under a full load. Not only does the star seal provide a stronger closure along its seal, it also reinforces the bag’s overall integrity in terms of strength, weight and volume.