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Due to ongoing local & international delays with manufacturers, suppliers & shipping lines, it is highly recommended that orders are placed well in advance
Due to ongoing local & international delays with manufacturers, suppliers & shipping lines, it is highly recommended that orders are placed well in advance

Cling Wrap, Foil, Baking Paper And Food Paper Wraps

Wholesale Food Wraps at Competitive Prices with Quality to Match

At Alpha Food Packaging we supply food grade wrapping material suitable for packaging, preparing and storing food. Our range of cling wrap, aluminium foil, greaseproof paper and baking paper will ensure all aspects of food handling preparation are covered. Our online wholesale prices for food wraps are competitive with excellent quality to match. You may also want to consider branding your greaseproof paper packaging with your logo or business name too. So take advantage of our low everyday food packaging deals and see how much you can save right now!

Quality Catering Foil and Cling Wrap for All Kitchen Uses

So what is the difference between General / All Purpose Aluminium Foil and Heavy Duty Aluminium Foil you may ask?

General or all-purpose aluminium foil is suitable for wrapping sandwiches or vegetables, covering pans and dishes and reheating pre-cooked foods in the oven. It is often thinner than heavy duty aluminium foil and will not endure high and prolonged oven temperatures. General / all-purpose aluminium foil may be prone to tearing with heavier weighted foods as well. It is a versatile kitchen foil used for cooking, lining of trays and wrapping foods

By comparison, heavy duty aluminium foil is intended for wrapping meats placed in the freezer for storage, lining of pans during roasting or grilling, BBQ’s, covering and / or wrapping foods while they are in the oven. This allows juices and marinades to be locked-in as opposed to splattering and evaporating in the oven. It is a multi-purposeful foil and can handle higher prolonged temperatures compared to general / all-purpose foil. It is noticeably thicker and stronger with a wider variety of kitchen applications. All our aluminium foils come in a dispenser pack featuring a safe plastic cutting strip allowing for easy length portioning for busy kitchens.

Cling wrap known as plastic wrap or food wrap, is used for sealing and maintaining the freshness of food items in bowls, plates or containers. Cling wrap is microwaveable and suitable for use in the freezer in covering, protecting or sealing foods. It is also clear in nature allowing for ease of identification of foods. All our cling wraps come in a dispenser pack featuring an effortless slide cutter.

Terrific Baking Paper and Greaseproof Paper for Efficient Food Preparation

What is the difference between baking paper and greaseproof paper you ask?

Simply, greaseproof paper as its name suggests is grease or oil proof. It is used as a food wrap preventing any grease or oil making its way through packaging. It is paper coated with a thin food grade wax creating a barrier for oily and fatty foods making it ideal for wrapping sandwiches, focaccias, wraps, pitas, yeeros, kebabs and burgers. Our quality greaseproof paper is available in various pre-cut sizes which are also used in lining food trays and snack boxes. Greaseproof paper should not be used as a substitute for baking paper as the wax coating will melt if exposed to high heat and possibly burn.

Baking paper on the other hand, is treated paper exhibiting high stability and heat resistance in the oven. It is non-stick and ideal for baking sugary, syrupy, cheesy, buttery and oily foods therefore eliminating the need in lubricating trays. The properties of baking paper make it a suitable choice as a tray liner.

Custom Print Your Greaseproof Paper and Boost Your Profile!

Increasing your business profile in conjunction with branding your greaseproof paper is an easy yet effective option where enhancing your name or products is desired at an affordable price. Take advantage of our affordable Australian made and printed greaseproof paper coupled with a short turnaround. You can find the benefits regarding customised printing in our paper coffee cups and clear plastic cups section. We only offer high quality printing and greaseproof paper for custom branding your greaseproof paper, so contact us now for a price that will surely boost your brand, products and food packaging well ahead of others!