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Due to ongoing local & international delays with manufacturers, suppliers & shipping lines, it is highly recommended that orders are placed well in advance
Top 14 Cling Wrap Hacks

Top 14 Cling Wrap Hacks

It’s clear, it’s clingy and it comes in rolls-- it’s none other than cling wrap, and it’s one of the most common things you’ll find in practically every kitchen. Cling wrap, cling film or plastic wrap is normally used as food packaging to keep food fresh, but that’s not all that they can be used for. Most households often don’t realise that this clear plastic wrap can be used for so many other things besides to cover leftovers-- it can make everyday activities so much easier! Curious to find out what these nifty cling wrap uses are? Read on!

1. Easy egg poacher

Always wanted to poach eggs but could never get them right? A little plastic wrap will make you an egg poaching pro in no time! Simply line a small cup or bowl with cling wrap, lightly coat the inside with oil and crack your egg open inside. Then carefully gather up the sides of the cling wrap, twist them up and seal them with a string, knot or clasp to make a tiny clear egg sack. Once sealed, all you need to do is place these in boiling water to cook, and snip them open to serve. Perfect poached eggs in a snap!

2. Fresh bananas for longer

There’s nothing quite like a fresh banana to go with your breakfast or as a snack, but a whole bunch can be difficult to keep from getting overripe fast. By wrapping some cling wrap around the bunch’s stem however, you’ll slow down the fruit’s ripening process and get perfectly ripe and fresh bananas for longer.

3. Protect against leaky bottles

You’ve got to have your bottles of shampoo, lotion, mouthwash, perfume and other products with you when you travel, but there’s always the risk that they’ll shift and leak in your luggage while in transit. With a bit of cling wrap, you never have to worry about this ever again. By placing a piece of plastic wrap onto the mouth of every bottle before screwing the cap on tight, you create an extra seal that ensures absolutely no leaks.

4. Keep jewellery from tangling

Tossing jewellery into your purse or drawer can almost always lead to them getting tangled up. A simple and organised solution would be to press them between two sheets of cling wrap. This way they’ll stay nice, neat and visible and be ready to use when you need them.

5. Keep ice cream nice and creamy

Don’t you just hate it when soft, creamy ice cream gets covered in icy crystals once you put it in the freezer? Place a sheet of plastic right on top of the ice cream before freezing so as to keep cold air out and keep those crystals from forming. Now all you’ll get is a nice and creamy cold dessert each and every time!

6. An easy way to roll dough

Rolling dough can be tough, and get sticky and messy pretty quickly. An easy way to roll your dough is to put it in between two sheets of clear plastic film. You’ll not only be able to roll the dough with ease and with less need for flour, but cleanup will be a breeze!

7. Pipe icing like a pro

Cling wrap can make piping icing easier and better in more ways than one. You start off by placing your icing inside a piece of cling wrap. Roll it up and holding both ends of the cling wrap, spin it so you get really thin, sealed ends of the cling wrap. You then insert this pouch of icing into your piping bag, threading the thin ends out through the tip of the piping bag. Carefully snip off the end of this icing pouch and attach the tip of your piping bag. Now you can pipe your icing and when done, simply slip off the icing pouch and be able to reuse that piping bag without having to clean up a sticky mess! You can also put several individually coloured and wrapped icing into one piping bag to achieve a rainbow effect.

8. Temporary screen protector

Don’t have a screen protector for your phone? Or perhaps your phone just needs a little extra protection while you’re at the beach or using it to follow a recipe in the kitchen? By covering it in some plastic wrap, your phone will be extra protected while remaining crystal clear and functional.

9. Make any cup or glass spill proof

If you’re a parent you’ll know that once your child switches from sippy cups to glasses spills become more common. To keep orange juice spills from happening, cover the glass or cup with a piece of cling wrap and simply punch a hole in the middle for a straw.

10. Easy storage of artificial Christmas trees

Love decorating your Christmas tree but dread the thought of having to keep and organise every single ornament afterwards? Make storage a breeze by simply wrapping the entire Christmas tree-- ornaments and all-- in cling wrap! Then when next Christmas comes around, simply unwrap the tree like a gift and replace ornaments if you wish!

11. Keep a bouquet of flowers fresh for longer

Planning on gifting a bouquet of freshly cut flowers? No need for floral foam for that! Simply take a wet paper towel, wrap it around the ends of your flower stems, then wrap this with a bigger piece of cling wrap before wrapping the entire bouquet in decorative paper. The cling wrap will keep your paper towel moist while protecting the decorative paper from getting wet.

12. Paint jobs

When it comes to DIY painting jobs, cling wrap can be your bestfriend! You can use it to protect areas while painting-- it covers a lot more space and is much friendlier on surfaces than masking tape. In between painting sessions you can wrap your brush in plastic wrap so the paint doesn’t dry on the bristles. And once you’re done painting but have some paint left over, you can use plastic wrap in between the paint can and lid to better seal cans of paint.

13. Easy fridge cleanup

If you’re like most people, you probably hate cleaning the fridge. Make cleaning fridge shelves a breeze by covering them in plastic wrap. Should there be any leaks or spills, simply wipe off or replace the plastic wrap!

14. Keep lettuce fresh

Keep lettuce from going limp by placing them in a bowl with a paper towel draped on top, and seal it with a piece of cling film. You’ll have crisp, fresh lettuce for up to a week!

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