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Due to ongoing local & international delays with manufacturers, suppliers & shipping lines, it is highly recommended that orders are placed well in advance
Due to ongoing local & international delays with manufacturers, suppliers & shipping lines, it is highly recommended that orders are placed well in advance
Things to Look for in a Food Packaging Supplier

Things to Look for in a Food Packaging Supplier

Running a business and making it work means getting a lot of details right, including your suppliers. This is especially important in the food catering industry, as it’s one of the most competitive and fast-paced business sectors.

Paying too much for basic inventory like food packaging can have an enormous impact on your bottom line, but it’s not just about the money you spend. It’s also about the service you get.

When you’re looking for someone that can provide you with food packaging supplies online, there are a number of things you should be asking yourself that will not only guarantee you get a great service, but also help your business to succeed.

Are they reliable?

First and foremost, you need to know that the supplier you choose is reliable; that deliveries of stock will be timely; and your food packaging supply won’t be held up and leave you short. Check lead times for placing orders and make sure you have ample storage space so that you can keep a reserve of stock handy as back up. Also make sure that the supplier is responsive and can be contacted easily through their website, via email or phone should you have any concerns or additional orders.

Are sales staff professional?

Look for sales people who won’t dilly-dally, and will appraise new items without doing a hard sell that’s off putting. While you do need to know if there’s something new in the marketplace that might suit your business, you don’t want to have someone in your face every time you make contact. Also, check out how they present their food packaging online. Is their website current and regularly updated? Do they have plenty of genuine, positive online reviews? Do they make it easy for you to order online? With so much business being done online, these can be just as important as good sales staff.

Do they offer a wide range of the latest products?

Check out their range of products. The supplier you choose should not only have the quality products you need, but also have the foresight to develop new products relevant to today’s needs and trends. Eco friendly packaging is now a big selling point with customers, so finding a supplier that provides environmentally friendly, biodegradable food packaging in Australia could be a big bonus for your business. Being able to market sustainable packaging to your clientele might offer that point of difference that drives customers to you, rather than to your competitors.

Do they offer custom options?

Using custom packaging is another way to gain an edge over your competitors, so have a look and see what’s available in the way of customised products. Takeaway coffee cups, napkins, and takeaway food packaging featuring your logo and business name can be a highly cost effective means of passive marketing. Lots of food packaging supply companies offer this service, so have a close look at the processes involved and look for one that will make customisation easy and cost effective, and one that will deliver your products to you efficiently.

In the long run, you need a supplier who offers the products you require at a price that is competitive and fits your budget. Do your homework, be prepared to ask questions, and remember, they’re the ones who have to sell their product to you. Don’t settle for service or products that are less than you require to help make your business a success.

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